What Does It Really Take to Get High School Students to Make Their Ideas Visible? from the NSTA Blog

Monday, March 02, 2020 9:03 PM | Jessica Eaton (Administrator)

What Does It Really Take to Get High School Students to Make Their Ideas Visible?
by Angie Berk, Jen MacColl, and Kristen Moorhead

Asking high school students to reveal what they really think about what causes a natural or designed phenomenon is risky business. Risky in that it requires students to take the intellectual and social risk of sharing their thinking, which may or may not be correct. We thought all we needed to do was to ask them to share their thinking. But we discovered it takes intentionally listening to who really is or isn’t talking and teacher moves to shift the culture from some students sharing ideas some times to all students revealing their thinking. We’d like to share two stories about what it really takes. Read the full article


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